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Coping with the rising cost of living

Started by BNS Forum, May 02, 2022, 12:50 PM

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BNS Forum

If you have resettled in the USA, how are you coping with the cost of living? According to Upwardli, the average monthly living expenses for a single person in the USA stands at $3,189, which is $38,266 per year. The average cost for a family of four is $7,095 per month, which is $85,139 per year. How are you coping?

And what about those Bhutanese who have resettled in Europe, Australasia and elsewhere? Let us know how you are managing to make ends meet.


Most of us don't do budgeting, including myself. If we start writing down all expenses on the paper or excel sheet every month, you'll be shocked at the numbers Vs the Income. Due to high peer-social pressure of maintaining and displaying your wealth or articles, such as a house or a new car, people don't realize how much they are spending on unnecessary stuff, simply to show off. For example, a new driver buys a brand new car on a car loan, and he gets literally killed by his bills but doesn't have a clue that there is a way to cut such expenses in half. So, there are nuances to the story that numbers don't tell so easily..

RP Subba

I think Putin, a single individual and his irrational war has pushed every prices significantly up. Working families have to deal with it at the gas pump, grocery stores and what not. The inflation eats up their pocket before the food is even cooked. It is easy to imagine, life is tougher than just a few months ago. 

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